zodiac signs that make the best fathers



You're one of the kindest parents. As a father, you want your kids to feel safe. . You're always brainstorming ways to bring people together. You never yell at your kids


As a father, you want your kids to be physically and mentally healthy. You prefer clean eating to chips and frozen pizzas from the grocery store.


Fathers value family time most. . You want family unity. Your kids may think you're too involved. If you want your kids to enjoy family time, respect their privacy when they need it.


Fathers worry about keeping kids busy. You encourage your kids to participate in as many extracurriculars as possible to make them social and outgoing.


 You'll do anything to help your kids develop their interests. Pisces value kindness. Your kids learn kindness and respect from you.


You put your kids first. You give your child everything they need. Your family values honesty. You want your kids to tell you anything.


Aries are assertive, passionate and leaders. Your children will be successful because of your passion and determination. Be more patient and understanding, and your kids will respect you even more.

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