Your Zodiac Sign's Power Color


 It matches Aries' active, life-loving nature. Red demands attention, and Aries hates being ignored. Aries' powers increase with red.


Taurus thrives on fresh green. Green symbolises growth, and Taurus represents progress. Spring, Taurus' season, brings green back.


Yellow inspires Gemini and sparks creativity. Gemini's exuberance comes from this life-giving colour. Yellow illuminates like the sun. 

Cancer: silver

Bright white and silver help Cancer connect with its intuition and start fresh. Silver and white symbolise intuition and purity.


Gold enhances Leo's warmth and positivity. Gold has always represented royalty and power.


Natural brown and green ground Virgo and keep them growing. Brown symbolises stability and supports the Virgin's methodical life.


Airy pink and light blue soften Libra's heart. while pink represents Libra's sweetness and love.


Black intrigues Scorpio and drives transformation. Black symbolises the Scorpion's depths, fueling its desire to question everything.


The spirituality and awareness of violet color inspires the philosophical mind of Sagittarius. Purple is the color of abundance, enhancing fortune.

Capricorn: grey

 Grey accentuates Capricorn's conservatism and no-nonsense attitude. Brown symbolises stability. 


Blue symbolises vastness and smooths the flow of ideas, conversation, and experimentation, like Aquarius' sky and water. 

Pisces:Light green

Perfectly pale green heals and reconnects Pisces to its subconscious. Light green, the colour of lif.

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