Your Kissing Style, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries are great leaders and initiators, you can captivate your partner with your bold and forward approach to make-out sessions. When it comes to kissing, Aries are hot, heavy and passionate , which involve lots of tongue movements.


Taurus people are known to be a bit serious, your Venusian energy makes you an extremely giving lover. Instead of rushing through things, you can take your time with everything from soft, sweet kisses to passionate hugs and long lip-locks. likes to work.


You like to be comfortable in your make-out, Gemini." Gemini kisses are quick and punctuated with bits of conversation between kisses that lead up to a big smooch. You play hard to get at first. like to do.


Cancer, you are very touchy when you kiss. There's a lot of nurturing emotion in your sweet and gentle kisses. So it's understandable that you can't help but kiss in a way that's full of love. Kindly reflects your feelings.


Leo people are dramatic kissers. As a fire sign, you're bold, brave, and romantic in your love life. Since Leos love being in the spotlight, you love public make-out sessions to show off your latest arm candy.


Virgos are great kissers, your kisses are practical and sincere. You like to make your partner feel safe and secure in your arms during make-outs. Virgos are extremely selfless and serve others. like to do.


Librans are very romantic and generous kissers. Libras have a lot of fans, likely because you're full of energy, charisma, and charm. You're not one to shy away from different styles of kissing, and you like to experiment. I like it. The kissing style of Libra people is very sensual.


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