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Your Child's Zodiac Sign's Best Personality Traits


Aries kids have incredible determination. These little rams love learning new skills and finishing what they start.


Taurus kids are kind and wild. Thankfully, they enjoy hard work and are eager to help with chores, especially for money.


Twins. Two is worse than one, but Gemini kids are great at divergent thinking. These little problem solvers are quick to think outside the box.


These sensitive dreamers are idyllic. As long as they can be creative, they do well. Give them their own space to daydream.


Leos are confident, natural leaders, and enjoy teamwork. If praised, they do well because they like attention


Perfectionist Virgos. They love order, so they'll enjoy tidying up. Virgos want to help because they want to be perfect.


Libra kids won't share toys. Their sign, scales, wants fairness. They'll offer to share first and likely give the most.


Scorpios love solo activities. Scorpio kids love brain-teasing games and reading. Give your little scorpion a chance to play alone and be there for a big cuddle.


Sagittarius kids love animals and nature. This sign is happiest with a pet, perhaps because they both like fresh air.


Old souls are Capricorns. Your Capricorn child is probably trying hard. They're driven and determined.


Aquarius kids are friendly and outgoing. This social butterfly is a good listener and prefers large groups to interact. 


These fish babies are incredibly kind and selfless, making them great kids. They like harmony and are sensitive to others' feelings. Help your child comfort others.

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