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Women With These Names Make Better Wives

1. Katie

The girl named Katie is the one whom you bring home to meet your mother. Because often girls with this name are beautiful.

2. Sophie

Sophie is a good name for a girl who can tolerate all your dad's jokes and make your home laugh.

3. Louise

Lewis will love football as much as you do. A girl with this name will respect your every decision and support you.

4. Sarah

Sarah will cook you a mean lasagna. Girls with this name are often seen as good cooks. Who is able to cook good food.

5. Emily

Emily may be crazy at first, but she will soon win your heart. Because girls with this name are cheerful and can get you out of every worry.

6. Charlotte

Charlotte is a more conservative girl and she will really make you work for it. But it will never let you down

7. Amy

Amy is someone who is really into yoga and will whip you into shape. And mom will be there for you through it all

8. Jessica

Jessica is really into horses, but you find it endearing. Because luckies with this name are made to spread love.

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