Which Zodiac Signs Can Keep a Secret?


Aries move fast, so you have to catch them in a quiet moment to get their attention. To be sure that they will keep such details private.


Taureans are strong, but they carry a lot. They aren't complainers, but when overwhelmed, they can get angry. 


Geminis cannot keep secrets! They gossip more strategically. A Gemini may reveal your secrets to someone you don't know.


Cancerians are kind, caring and supportive of their loved ones. This innocuous sign may know a secret


Leo people are loyal and protective of their loved ones, so they can keep your secrets. Your personal words can affect this.


Problem-solving Virgos are great confidants. They will respect your secrets and provide honest feedback. 


Libras like to gossip, but they have morals. If they think something is harmless, this chatty air sign may talk even if you ask them not to.

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