Which Zodiac Sign Gets Hurt The Most In Relationships?


Capricorn is the sign most likely to suffer when it comes to love and relationships.

Capricorns are very demanding. Their pain actually sinks them into more sorrow and misery. The truth is, they can never truly pick themselves up after a breakup.


When it comes to love, Leo becomes a very sensitive sign.

If their relationship turns sour, they are very likely to get hurt in the process. But it is true; Love transforms them.


Like Leo, Libra is also one of the compassionate signs, love often makes them vulnerable.

Additionally, they also have trouble dealing with minor arguments in relationships because their emotions are so intense.


One of the zodiac signs with the biggest hearts, Aquarius suffers greatly when love stories end.

As such pure souls, they are often unprepared for the cruel realities of love, which explains why they are unable to walk away from the one they love.


Virgos are not at all comfortable when it comes to expressing their feelings.

While this sometimes means they are oblivious to their partner's fault, often it means they go straight into a wave of despair and pain.

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