Which mocktail should you drink according to your zodiac sign?

Outspoken Aries love to lead the pack. They may be known for their fiery nature, but they also have a soft side. This Watermelon Mint "Agua Fresca" matches your sweet side. A Twist Squeeze some lime juice over, and you'll be ready to go!

Aries: Spicy Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca

Taurus are down to earth, calm and very loving. You wear your heart on your sleeve, so you need a drink that embodies the same warmth and charm you're known for—like this Orange Tea Blossom Mocktail. It requires a little work to make

Taurus: Orange Chai Blossom

Gemini people are enthusiastic. You like to change things up, so you don't mind stepping out of your comfort zone. Whipped Lemonade matches your light and bubbly personality. And it also takes time to make it.

Gemini: Whipped Lemonade

The people of Cancer zodiac are householders, these people are engaged in the entertainment of their family. Apart from being sweet, these people also like to make mocktails. This triple-berry sparkler is extra special thanks to frozen berry ice cubes that add flavor as they melt into the drink.

Cancer: Triple Berry Sparkler

Leo people are people of strong attraction. You'll most likely enjoy a drink that has playful vibes, such as this Shirley Temple mocktail that elevates an old childhood favorite with a few key ingredients. Start with a mix of ginger beer, club soda, and lime juice. Then add ice and your drink is ready.

Leo: Shirley Ginger

The people of Virgo do not need much to be happy, these people indulge in themselves. That's why your ideal mocktail will have a great depth of flavor. This perfectly balanced dry cranberry spirit is easy to make and requires almost no preparation.

Virgo: Dry Cranberry Spritzer

Librans are open minded people who love to have a good time if you just can't seem to focus your energy. This Pomegranate Tonic has a harmonious blend of sweet sugar and honey, tart lemon and rich pomegranate to lift your spirits. Also your friends will like it.

Libra: Pomegranate Tonic2

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