Which cookie to eat according to your zodiac sign

When it comes to a cookie, scrumptious red. Embrace your zodiac power color. These deliciously soft and chewy cookies grab attention with their bright color, and they make a tempting treat with hints of sweet vanilla and cocoa Is.

Aries: Red Velvet Cookie

Taurus, who enjoy the simple pleasures in life, is there anything better than a cookie to make you feel the comfort and nostalgia of home and childhood, with its warm brown sugar flavor and chewy Classic Oatmeal Raisin Cookie is a sweet treat .

Taurus: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

You need a cookie like this, Gemini. These delicious sugar cookies are filled with colorful candy pieces that reflect the same colorful and bright personality you have. Add as much variety and whimsy to your personality.

Gemini: M&M Cookie

Cancer You're a lover of the classics The only cookie that can match the cozy energy you spend time with, Cancer, is a delicious Snickerdoodle straight out of the oven that brings back happy childhood memories.

Cancer: Snickerdoodle

The only type of cookie that makes sense for you packs a punch—like a lemon drop cookie, one thing's for sure, lemon cookies are a hit for those who want to shake things up.

Leo: Lemon Drop Cookies

Virgo, you thrive on structure, so when it comes to choosing the right treat, you can't go wrong with a classic sugar cookie. This simple recipe is quick and easy to make, sugar cookies are also a favorite

Virgo: Sugar Cookie

Libra You're a social butterfly, you like to keep your options open, so you might as well have your cake or your cookie. The classic black and white cookie gives you the best of both worlds with its delicious half-chocolate-half-vanilla icing. does.

Libra: Black and White Cookie

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