what zodiac signs are tha Funniest.


Sagittarius can lighten up any situation. Nus can make you feel better even in a crisis by pointing out a single funny detail and cracking a funny joke. And are always on the lookout for new adventures.


Gemini is a quick-witted wordsmith, this sign has no trouble coming up with creative zingers, hilarious one-liners, and clever puns that are guaranteed to make everyone else in the room laugh.


Libra wants to make people smile. Yet, they usually succeed, and Libra is not easily embarrassed! They feed off everyone's energy, this sign often goes out of their way to get a laugh from everyone around them.


Leo is a natural performer who uses humor to hog the limelight. Leo loves to tell wild stories and pull out all the stops, their confidence and natural wit can light up a room in no time!


Aries are masters of physical humor. Aries have a great deal of acting, and will pretend to fall if the joke calls for it! Gestures and mannerisms are a big part of their sense of humour, Aries use humor to entertain people.


Virgos are especially adept at finding the irony in a situation or making a hilarious well-meaning observation. They're great at using humor to make themselves (and others) feel less stressed out in a difficult situation.


Scorpios have a dark sense of humor, there's no doubt that Scorpios have a comedic side; His humor is honest, observant, and usually a little dark, especially when it comes to teasing people who don't really understand his sense of humor yet.

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