What Type of Drunk You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Let's just go to the gym right now,the intoxicated ram might say. They enjoy arm wrestling and push-up contests when drunk again even if they have none.


You order one drink, then two, then three. You're drunk, but your Taurus friend is calm. Taurus will get up and stumble gracefully, revealing that they are much drunker than they appear.


Geminis share information. Tea will spill when alcohol lowers their naturally low gossip inhibitions. Geminis bond over drinking and talking.


Only their inner circle sees the crab's soft, emotional core. However, alcohol can temporarily de-shell the average Cancer, causing them to cry.


Intoxicated! Leos can perform on a bathroom floor like it's Carnegie Hall. Karaoke, drunken toasts, confronting wrongdoers—it doesn't matter.


Virgos know everyone's weaknesses, so it's good they're not evil. Virgos criticise to help. They know they were put on Earth to clean up to their high standards.


Libra drunks say "I love you!" from the first shot. Libras love all kinds of love, and one glass of wine can make a new friend.


Scorpio wins the Sauced Sexy-Eye Stare Award. In fact, they are themselves signs of the will, the writ large. If a person of Scorpio zodiac is crushing on someone.


 Sagittarius is a physical sign, so they will need you on the dance floor to perform some light choreography they may or may not have practised.


Capricorns get drunk when they want, but they stay professional because they want to be ready to meet Michelle Obama you never know.


Drunk Aquarius wants everyone to listen now! If they could convince you of their prescient and insightful perspective.


The zodiac's slippery fish will camp out in any party's most remote corner. Like flounder, they follow vibes to the best conversations, snacks, and spiritual energy.

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