What Makes You Fall in Love, According to Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, you're assured, you'll never stand for dating a pushover. And while you're used to showing off with extravagant gifts, you prefer a partner who's always looking to take you out, show you off, and create a lifetime of memories with you.


Taurus, the zodiac will not rush you into things. You like to let your relationships develop naturally, so you need someone who is just as calm and straightforward about dating as you are.


A Gemini has no problem meeting new people wherever they go. And can capture your attention with their unique personality and witty banter. Your ideal partner would be as independent and freedom loving as you are.


Cancer, the most important thing for you in a relationship is that you feel safe with your partner. You can fall in love with someone who is in control of their feelings and is not afraid to express what they feel Are.


Leo is a sweet and deeply sensitive person under a confident personality. You love to spoil your partner with attention and affection. This person will also play the role of best friend and lover, ensuring that every day is a new adventure with you .


Virgo — and love is no exception to that rule. You know that talk is cheap and true intimacy comes from knowing the other person, their likes, their coffee order, and having them do the same for you. You may be tempted by expensive gifts or flashy displays of affection. are not affected by


Libra You are really in love with someone. You would rather be in someone who treats your relationship as an equal partnership and doesn't try to dull your shine. You'll Know Things Are Heading into Serious Territory


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