What makes you angry, according to your star sign


Aries follows the sign. Aries, the ram, is quick to anger and expressive. However, they rarely stay hot. Interruptions annoy you most. Good luck to your Zoom call-talking colleague.


Leo, another fire sign, is temperamental. Although forgiving, Leos should take responsibility for their actions. Leo is the least compliant star sign.


Sagittarians are your best and worst friends. Like Aries and Leo, they have fiery tempers. The best way to a Sag? Attend their birthday party and focus on yourself.


Gemini is the zodiac's chatterbox. Their sudden tantrums and emotional breakdowns often leave friends on eggshells. Being ignored on social media by a Gemini.


Libras hold grudges because they avoid conflict. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes a fiery outburst. Libras are easily frustrated by friends posting selfies from events they missed out on due to FOMO.


Once irritated, Aquarius can show a cold indifference that will chill anyone. Slow-burners get Aquarius. That one-time coffee date who just added your sister on Instagram.


Cancers tend to let their minor irritations fester. Addressing issues as they arise prevents an emotional tsunami. Given this, Cancers don't like being told to "just get over it" when they're upset.

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