What Kind of Takeout You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Mexican

Aries likes it hot, and hence, are always on the lookout for food that can be enjoyed on the go. With Mexican takeout, you can grab a taco for a quick meal while you're getting ready for a big night out.

Taurus: Italian

You are known to be the chef among your group, if you are not cooking yourself, order a romantic pasta dinner for two from your favorite Italian restaurant. This hearty meal is sure to please both the senses and your extravagant tastebuds.

Gemini: Pizza

Gemini That's why you need a dish that will appeal to the masses. Next time you're out with friends, why not try out a new pizza place in town and order their home special. And that applies to your taste in food.

Cancer: Chinese

Cancer is a creature of comfort. You'll love leftovers that you can enjoy all weekend, not to say that you just might get a message from the universe about your love life in a fortune cookie.

Leo: Ramen

Leo, you're looking for something that will make a lasting impression. A hearty bowl of ramen from your local noodle shop will do the job. Packed with protein, veggies, and a delicious rich broth, this dish will not disappoint.

Virgo: Mediterranean

Virgo When it comes to ordering in, Mediterranean cuisine is a great option. With rich flavors and delicious vegetarian options, you can always find something that hits the spot without overdoing it.

Libra: Burger and Fries

Libra Get into your devotee mode and opt for tried-and-true classics like burgers and fries. You can't go wrong with this comfort food, and it'll give you an excuse to visit a new place.

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