Top Jobs for People Who Just Like to Be Left Alone

Truck driver

Truck driver

Truck driver

Night-shift janitor

Night-shift janitors may never see anyone. You'll probably get your own keys to clean the empty building. When finished, lock up. Janitors don't need training, but some jobs require a high school or GED. 

Night-shift security guard

Security guards watch the public but sometimes interact with them. Night shift workers don't talk much. This job may involve reviewing security footage to prevent crime.

Library assistant

Library assistants sort books and stock shelves. Some library jobs let you work in the background without much interaction. Library assistants may need high school or GED degrees. $29,450 is the median wage.


Painting requires physical labour but little public interaction. However, if you're a painter, you'll likely have to interact with customers. You may need a high school or GED and on-the-job training.

Hotel laundry jobs

Hotel laundry and dry-cleaning staff wash pillowcases, sheets, and comforters. Hotels are less crowded than dry cleaners. Instead of dry-cleaning, hotels allow washing machines and dryers.

Computer operator

Computer operators often work alone. Software developers, information security analysts, and computer systems administrators are just a few options. These jobs usually require a computer-related bachelor's or master's degree.


Accountants work with financial documents and rarely interact with the public. Tax season may require overtime. Accountants need a BA. CPAs have more job opportunities and higher pay.

Truck driver

You drive alone as a trucker. If you like solitude and sitting for long periods, this is a good job. Tractor-trailers and similar vehicles require a commercial driver's licence, but not a college degree.

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