Trust is needed for many things, including grocery shopping. You can be sure that the food you buy is fresh and safe to eat

that the food you buy is fresh and safe to eat and that your chosen retailer is taking the right precautions to ensure its integrity and will act promptly if a serious risk arises.

You want to trust that the manager isn't taking advantage of you as a customer.

Newsweek and Statista surveyed 25,000 consumers to determine the most trusted American companies. The survey found 700 trusted.

Publix, based in Florida, topped the list of 33 grocery and convenience stores.

The home of the famous "Pub Subs" is currently one of America's fastest growing grocers, opening 25 new stores in 2022.

Known for its bakery, meat department and high-quality store-brand items.

Amazon ranked first in general retail, Costco ranked fifth, and Walmart ranked 25th.

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