You’re eating too late

Do you often snack or eat dinner after 8pm? Disrupting your body clock may increase appetite and weight gain. Dr. Berry says mealtime matters.

gym three times a week

Exercising constantly without results? Consider it your non-gym activity. Scheduled exercise isn't the biggest lever you can pull to lose weight.

You’re eating too fast

The faster you eat, the faster sugar enters the bloodstream. It runs out of insulin. Diabetes can affect metabolic health and weight changes.

Cheating calorie tracker

Is your smart watch right for congratulating you on burning 400 calories? Which can reduce calories by 16-40%.

You’re celebrating a special day

The body seeks homeostasis through eating. Tucking in can increase in emotional situations.

It’s your hormones

postmenopausal women have higher post-meal blood sugar, fat, and inflammatory responses

You drop off with the TV on

Blue light can increase alertness and delay your circadian clock, making it more difficult to fall asleep at night.

You’re relying on a ‘magic bullet’

 When we focus on nourishing our bodies rather than cutting calories, our weight stabilizes.Eat small portions of carbs, protein, fruit, and veg at every meal to feel satisfied.

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