This Is A Secret The Hotel Staff Will Never Tell You

It takes 15 minutes to clean each room, which includes changing towels and linens, changing glasses and coffee cups, checking and refilling minibars, and taking out trash.

They speed-clean your room.

Hotel sheets can be changed four times a year. Even a quilt with a removable cover is not safe. McCarthy said a top sheet between the duvet and bed can keep the cover from washing between guests.

They barely wash the bedspread.

When away from home, especially with plenty of alcohol, people tend to let loose. Maybe that's why hotel housekeepers find so much vomit. Ice buckets are popular barf containers.

They often find vomit in the ice bucket.

Booking sites generate a lot of hotel revenue. Some pay 25% commission. Call the hotel and request a supervisor if you like a deal. Ask for a better rate

Can give you the cheapest room rate on call.

User-review apps are also changing hotel selection: Traditional star ratings are based on hotel amenities, room size, electrical outlets, and so on. Employees aren't covered.

Their star ratings may not be totally accurate.

Hotel stays can feel like being nickel-and-dimed for everything. If you call ahead and request basic amenities, they may be free. Verify your purchase at checkout.

They could provide free amenities if you ask in advance.

Hotel maids must report items left behind by guests. Some hotels let maids keep unclaimed items after weeks, not hours.

The housekeepers occasionally claim lost-and-found items.

Check the room service menu for kids' meals if you're bringing them. Ask the kitchen for a child-sized plate if not. They'll likely accommodate and discount you.

They can usually make a kid's meal, even if it's not on the menu.

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