These zodiac signs are most likely to get married at a young age

When you meet your future spouse, you just know. Some have that epiphany earlier than others and say "I do" earlier than their peers.


Taurus, ruled by Venus, has a tendency to marry at a young age. Taurus builds love from childhood through stability and sensuality.

Taurus yearns for a long-term relationship because they feel most grounded at home. For Taurus, marriage is most likely the center of love and relationships.


Cancers are water signs, so this list shouldn't surprise them. Cancers are long-term romantics. They're also natural carers.

For a Cancer, marriage is an experience that resembles home – an interconnectedness in relationships.


Libra is the last Venus-ruled sign to marry young. Libra rules partnerships, so "marriage is a life goal experience

 Libra is open to their partner, who helps them achieve balance and harmony.

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