These Are the 7 Lowest-Calorie Alcohols

When you're drinking beer with friends at the game or wine at a family function, it's easy to forget about the calories.


These four liquors have about 100 calories per shot at 80 proof, the average alcohol content for these types of liquors.


Sake is a low-calorie liquor. Sake is Japanese brown rice liquor. Sake, on average, has 40 proof.


Soju has 60 calories per shot. Fermented grain soju is Korean sake. It averages 32 proof, less than other liquors.

 Light Beer

Light beers now have 70–100 calories. New craft and big-name beers are lighter than BudLights and Miller Lites, which are around 100.


Wine's sparkling sibling is low-calorie and light-tasting. Prosecco has 80 calories. You can toast again!

Hard Seltzers

The hard seltzer revolution has a reason. Each company releases its product. White Claw and Truly, two originals, have 100 calories each.

White Wine

Wine calories vary by type. When picking one while trying to cut back, it's good to remember that white wines usually have less calories than red.

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