The Zodiac Signs That Will Always Butt Heads

Aries: Capricorn

Aries are zodiac leaders. Extroverts love to show off and brag. Their fiery energy attracts some but repels others.

Taurus: Aquarius

Taurus is a tenacious problem solver. They'll quickly tell you they won't change their mind and won't date or befriend anyone who thinks they need fixing.

Gemini: Scorpio

Geminis are witty. This sign hates grouchy people because they love having fun and meeting new people.

Cancer: Sagittarius

Cancer is the zodiac's sensitive lover. Their big hearts and giving spirits make them popular.

Leo: Pisces

Leos are brave. They're natural leaders who speak up and take charge. "Leos are confident and crave attention,"

Virgo: Aries

Virgos are perfectionists. They prefer consistent friends and partners because they have high standards.

Libra: Cancer

Libras are socialites. Their laid-back charm seems ideal for a hopeless romantic like Cancer. While these two are physically attracted, their communication is the problem.

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