The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Stay Single


Scorpio is the most solitary sign. Scorpios want to be with someone who resembles them, but if not, they prefer solitude.


Virgos love being alone! Due to their responsibility and organisation, they love working and are workaholics.


Cancers enjoy being single as much as being in a relationship. Cancers love hosting parties and serving others because they are mothering.


Pisces love relationships, but many prefer singlehood for self-defense. Pisces are imaginative and emotional.


Sagittarius is solitary. They are adventurous and dedicated in relationships because they know if they like someone when they meet them.


Even though they're one of the most attractive zodiac signs, Aries can be lonely for a long time.


Geminis are one of the most social signs, so if they're alone, they're lonely. Imagine them single. They may enjoy having many friends.


Leo likes company. Why? They need praise. Will they receive that by complimenting themselves in a mirror


Libras love people. Libra can enjoy alone time, but too much can lead to depression. Libras love socialising and flirting


Capricorns are melancholy and sometimes prefer solitude. However, they may be overjoyed and want to socialise for a week or two.


Aquarius loves relationships. This smart sign has lots of knowledge and ideas to share, so who better than their partner


Taurus needs others. Since loneliness consumes them, a relationship would make them happier.

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