The Zodiac Sign You Have the Best Romantic Chemistry With

Aries: Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius are very compatible for many reasons. Aquarius are very good at making their partner feel one of a kind. And since you like to feel special, Aries, Aquarius will let you shine without jeopardizing your confidence or overwhelming them.

Taurus: Cancer

You are both lovers of a slow-paced romance and appreciate the dependability and consistency the other provides. And Cancer certainly makes a loyal and loving partner to Taurus, able to provide the structure and emotional security Cancer craves in relationships.

Gemini: Libra

When Libra and Gemini come together, you combine the powers of love and communication. Because romantic Libras are quite outspoken about their feelings, you'll appreciate your partner's willingness to share your innermost thoughts. In Libra, you will find a mutually beneficial, caring and thoughtful relationship made for the long term.

Cancer: Pisces

Because you're both water signs, you have a deep instinctive bond. Cancer and Pisces can create a private and comfortable home together against the craziness of the outside world. Not only are you very compatible, you both share the same dream of a long term, loving relationship.

Leo: Sagittarius

You'll be immediately drawn to Sagittarius's wild and playful energy, while Sagittarius will love how confident and down for a good time you are. In a relationship, both of you help the other feel more comfortable being authentic and expressing themselves with each other.

Virgo: Taurus

Taurus and Virgo are a very well matched couple who know how to talk through problems and provide stability to each other. Your sexual chemistry can be explosive and intense, as you both have a secret sensual side. And since, both Virgo and Taurus are fixed persons.

Libra: Aries

Libra, you are attracted to Aries' cocky but charming attitude, while they appreciate your friendly personality. Due to the influence of the ruling planets, Mars and Venus, your sexual compatibility is very high as compared to other couples of the zodiac. Mars rules our passion and Venus rules romance.

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