The Zodiac Sign With the Worst Temper

We can all relate to turning into a rage-demon after a bad day or waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Who hasn't yelled at a friend or driver


Cancers are known for their emotionality and sensitivity, so rage doesn't come to mind. They're tempermental, though.


Scorpios can be mysterious. Water signs' tempers aren't explosive like fire signs'. Instead, they manipulate and deceive to vent.


Leos are lively but argumentative and defensive. Leos believe they're the center of the universe and won't back down if their beliefs are challenged


Virgos are known for their "anxious streak," but they can be fiery with family and friends.This sign may be quiet in their anger


Capricorns are emotionally weak. "They seem calm, cool, and collected, but they have obsessive tendencies.


Aries is hot. Their temper is uncontrollable. Aries is the leader of explosive arguments and outbursts.

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