The Zodiac Sign With the Biggest Personality.

Some people seem to have a big flashing sign on their forehead that says "look at me." Whether they're making everyone laugh or discussing current events, their energy fills the room. 


Leo tends to have a flair for the dramatic and loves to put on a show, so it's no surprise they are the zodiac sign with the biggest personality.


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, so it's no wonder that their larger-than-life personality shows up at all times.


Aries as Big Bang incarnate, and it all fits very well. They are firecrackers and ready to be thrown right out of the gate. They are impossible to ignore.


It's hard to match the vibes of a Gemini. They are popular, they are social, and they will without a doubt keep you on your toes.


Aquarius is all about individuality and having unique ideas. Even though they're totally comfortable with their weirdness, they do close themselves off at times.


Known for being mysterious and moody, as well as keeping their opinions to themselves, it might come as a surprise to see Scorpio as one of the biggest personalities

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