The Zodiac Sign That's the Biggest Foodie.

Eating food you love is the best. Food isn't just food—an it's experience. Some people will try anything, love cooking, or know the best restaurants in town. They hate food. They eat.


Taurus are complex and love the finer things in life. Earth signs respect food and plan their day around meals. They're the zodiac's biggest foodie because they rule food.


Virgos are picky, but they'll try everything on the menu. "They may be the most critical but love to comfort themselves with food.


Emotional water signs love feeding others and hope for the same in return. Cancerians love food.


Sagittarius loves trying new foods. Fire signs are foodies because they love exploring new cultures.


Capricorns are refined eaters.  Dining with an earth sign will make you feel fancy.


Pisces are romantics who love to indulge. They spoil their loved ones with food. They love snacking and trying new foods, so they're always up for eating.

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