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The Zodiac Sign That's the Biggest Control Freak

Some can't fail. They'll always volunteer to lead a project and expect everyone to do things their way to succeed. Despite help, they can't pass the baton.


Aquarians are distinctive. They love their quirks and hate conformity. Aquarius wants to share their ideas, so they'll lead any project that needs them.


They constantly remind you that Aries is the first zodiac sign. Mediumchat astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet says this competitive sign aims high.


Taurus is the most stable sign. Bennet calls them bulls who don't share because of their preferences. This sign prefers familiarity and takes time to recover from setbacks.


Leos like control, but not like other signs. They seek prominence. They'll work harder to draw attention to themselves if they feel overlooked.


Virgo is a practical perfectionist. Bennet says they take control because they don't trust others to do it right. They're meticulous and enjoy assigning tasks.


Scorpios hate orders. They're the zodiac's biggest control freaks because they can't trust others to do what they can.

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