The Zodiac Sign Most Stuck in Their Ways, According to Astrologers

We all know routine-lovers. Belle's village residents from Beauty and the Beast are predictable and don't require anything to change. They don't want to attempt anything new. They want to wake up every day to a similar day.


Cancer, the first water sign, is emotional and supportive. Cancer will always support you in a life-or-death connection. If someone they love is threatened, they will fight harder.


Scorpios are the second water sign and quite set in their convictions. They always assume they're right and are good at standing their ground.


Virgos are obsessive, perfectionists, and scrutinizers. If you ask them, these folks want things done perfectly the first time and their way.


Aquarius is quirky and innovative, so they're always thinking of ways to improve. Despite their inventive ideas, they are stubborn. If their vision doesn't resonate, they won't hide.


Avoid interrupting a Capricorn's job. Saturn, their ruler, rules, chores, and obligations, so this sign sticks to what they know. Schmidt says, "They're rigorous, structured,


Taurus, the zodiac's most stubborn sign, loves routine and stability. They won't change anything because they're a fixed sign and need to dominate their environment.

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