The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Spy on Their Partners

Your partner may not use binoculars or hire a private detective, but they may still spy on you. iPhones, email, and Google make snooping too easy.

The influence of the planets of Leos can make them self-confident, expressive. This can sometimes hide their deep-seated insecurities.


Virgo is reliable. "If Virgo chooses you, you are thorough and honest with them, this zodiac's perfectionism may change their perspective.


 Geminis talkative, gossipy, inquisitive nature can lead to suspicion or paranoia that their partner is not being faithful.


 Tauruses are grounded, reliable partners who value stability and security. This sign, ruled by Venus, loves deeply.


Cancer is the most sensitive sign. These are great qualities, but they can cause trust issues.


Barretta calls Scorpio the zodiac's natural detective. This complicated sign is notoriously secretive and distrustful.


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