The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Cheat, According to Astrologers

You have all the information you need to catch a cheater—someone who hides their phone, disappears without explanation, or who's suddenly in great shape. But some red flags that indicate infidelity


 Aries as passionate, exploratory, and self-discovering. "They love the beginning of a relationship, but when it gets serious, they're ready to bolt and play the field again.


The twins are indecisive and the zodiac's social butterfly—a recipe for cheating.Geminis are known to cheat when bored,"Geminis like activity.


Venus rules Libra. Like Pisces, they are overexcited about relationships. "Libras love attractive partners,


Leos always want attention. They want to be the focus of a wedding dance floor or dinner conversation.Their magnetic personality can draw others in, even if they didn't intend to stray.


Pisces, the zodiac's sensitive romantic, may not be monogamous. They're in trouble because of their love.


Capricorn's inclusion may seem odd. Astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet says these traits help them compartmentalise and avoid the emotional side of cheating.

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