Many weight loss tips are bad.To stay healthy while losing weight, you need to know some of the biggest myths.

Avoid skipping meals if you're trying to cut calories. Sabat claims this will eventually backfire. 

1. Skip meals

If you skip breakfast or lunch, you may lack protein. Later, you may overeat fatty foods. All of this hinders weight loss.

You can skip meals and choose low-calorie foods to lose weight. This will lead to nutritional deficiencies and increase cravings.

2.Low-calorie foods only

It's better to eat real food as part of a balanced diet with nutrient-rich foods

Stop thinking that fat and carbs are bad. Many people cut fat out of their diets because researchers believed it caused weight gain.

3. Avoid all fats and carbs

Avoiding all fats can result in nutritional deficiencies and essential fatty acid deficiencies, but most importantly for weight loss, they lack satiety.

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