The U.S. City You Should Have a Vacation Home In, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: North Las Vegas, Nevada

Aries likes to be where the action is. For the pleasure seeker, what better place to buy a vacation home than right outside Sin City? North Las Vegas, Nevada has everything you love about Vegas at affordable prices.

Taurus: Lake Anna, Virginia

Taurus are sensible and down to earth people. The ideal location for your vacation home, the gorgeous community of Lake Anna, Virginia is sure to pique your interest. The large freshwater lake is surrounded by beaches, bike rides, and museums—sure you'll have plenty to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Gemini: Cape May, New Jersey

Gemini You love variety in life. Luckily, Cape May, New Jersey has everything you could need and more. Tucked away on the coast, this oasis is equal parts small town charm and adventure seeker. From the water sports scene including kayaking and paddle boarding

Cancer: Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Kirk Your ideal vacation home needs to feel just as lived-in and comfortable as your primary residence Known as the "Seafood Capital of South Carolina", Murrells Inlet is a historic fishing fishery filled with relaxing vibes and delicious food Walla Village. You'll love all the free public parks in this city.

Leo: Gulf Shores, Alabama

Leo You love to party When you love the thrill of a night out with friends Gulf Shores, Alabama has become a popular destination for spring breakers over the past few years, but this coastal beach town offers a variety of There are attractions that you can enjoy both on and off-season.

Virgo: Saugatuck, Michigan

People don't associate Virgo with a sense of adventure, Saugatuck, Michigan is an offbeat vacation spot perfect for couples, families, and solo travelers. This hidden gem of a city features plenty of gorgeous nature reserves, unique boutique and shopping experiences, historic riverboat cruises, and even fresh berries to pick in the spring.

Libra: Galveston, Texas

Libras are extremely agreeable and easygoing. That's why your vacation spot should have everything from nightlife to nature and beyond. Everything is bigger in Xas, so why not settle down and relax a bit in the Lone Star State? Galveston is one of the most popular vacation spots in Texas.

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