43 percent of men prefer long, wavy hair. Why almost half of men find it sexiest

1. Longer hair is prettier.

Despite women's love of shorter styles like Agnes Deion-style crops, men still prefer long hair.

Nearly six in ten (58%) say brunettes are better in bed. Brunettes have been inspiring women's hair envy for years.

2. Brunettes have better sex.

Brunettes have healthy locks with bounce and shine - that boost of confidence that makes it the number one choice for hair color.

Sexual selection may have evolved. And so exists today.red-headed recessive variant gene MC1R. The rarity and brightness of red makes it stand out.

3. blondes—redheads hair.

Redheads have more active sex lives. surveyed German women to find hair color patterns. Redheads have "more partners and sex more frequently than average.

The study found gingers to be less attractive than blondes and brunettes.

4. Redheads both sexes desirable.

Nicolas Guéguen tested women wearing wigs of different colors to see which ones attracted men.

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