The Spring Equinox is March 20—Here's What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign


Aries On March 20, the sun enters your sign, boosting your energy and confidence.


You're seeing signs of success behind the scenes. Relax and wait for the answers.


Gemini,They may be motivated to learn, discover, and connect." Set goals to make new friends, volunteer, or get involved in your neighbourhood.


Turns out to be a big month for Cancer. She advises using this energy to achieve professional goals.


Leo They may want to take more risks and follow their passion." Set goals for this year's learning and personal growth.


 Your energy boost will help you let go of what's not working and embrace what does.


They will also be inspired to build meaningful relationships. This can be a good time to talk about your future with your partner.


Aries season will be a time of change for you. Use this energy to break old habits and adopt new ones.


Sagittarius, spring will help you flow. On March 20, the sun enters Aries, boosting your social life after a break from the hustle and bustle


Capricorn, relax. After months of planning, you're almost done.That gives you the confidence and energy to finish strong.


On March 20, the sun enters Aries, inspiring you to pursue your passions.don't be afraid to brag about yourself.


Pisces, the spring equinox is still a major event for you, use this energy to explore your spirituality and intuition.

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