The Pie to Bake According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries have a very fiery personality, therefore, you need a pie with an equal combination of spicy and sweet. A Salted Caramel Pie is sweet, savory, and delightfully unexpected. This simple recipe only takes a few ingredients to make.

Aries: Salted Caramel Pie

Taurus knows how to create a cozy atmosphere around them. This year, try putting your own twist on this pecan pie by making a Pecan Pie Cheesecake that has a bourbon filling and chocolate crust.

Taurus: Pecan Pie

You love meeting new people, you're open-minded and friendly, you'll be surprised at how light and airy sweet potato pie really is, the sweet potato base tastes like maple bourbon or toasted almonds.

Gemini: Sweet Potato Pie

Cancers are the keeper of the zodiac, so while you might be hoping for a more traditional pie, like a decadent French silk pie, this one hits all the nostalgic notes you love. Bake it for yourself.

Cancer: French Silk Pie

Leos like to stand out from the crowd, you want a pie that tastes as good as you do, so go with an unexpected crowd-pleaser like lemon meringue, this pie is the most traditional.

Leo: Lemon Meringue Pie

Virgo guys have a reputation for being perfectionists, so flex your skills with an old-fashioned classic like banana cream pie. This dreamy dessert has a delicious custard filling and is topped with fresh sliced bananas and perfectly whipped cream.

Virgo: Banana Cream Pie

Libras are the easygoing socialites of the zodiac, you're usually a by-the-book person, but Boston Cream Pie is technically a cake, your friends will be so impressed with the delicious and tender vanilla sponge cake and silky pastry,

Libra: Boston Cream Pie

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