The Most Unpredictable Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You can't predict anyone's actions. Some folks make it easier. They're habitual and rarely leave their comfort zone. If you try to predict others, you'll be surprised. Every time you see them, they have a new job, five-year plan, and view on life (for better or worse).


This sign dares to be different. That makes them unpredictable. They may play devil's advocate at your next dinner party to stir things up.


This fiery sign, controlled by the sun, can be moody and temperamental. Leos can be happy one moment and furious the next, making it hard to predict their next move.


Scorpios are intuitive yet keep their feelings to themselves. Therefore, while it may look like they're making a whim, they've probably considered it. Scorpios alter course immediately if something doesn't suit them.


Aries loves to excel. Getting there often needs quick decisions. Aries are competitive and driven to win, often acting before thinking.


The cheerful, gregarious, humorous, and optimistic people of this energetic astrological sign are controlled by Jupiter, which gives them an expansive quality.


A Gemini has a basic personality that's adaptable and alert, which gives them the ability to handle different projects or situations.

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