The Most Tense Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Geminis love to talk and jump between groups, but they may be acting more than you think. They hide their tension so well you won't notice. 

Their constant acting out makes them the most stressful sign. That they are constantly thinking and worrying.Grounding exercises can calm them down.


Virgos are perfectionists and love helping. Even if they need a break, don't stop them.Earth signs are easily overwhelmed and self-doubtful.

They will give advice even if you don't ask. So their mind is always on the go and it is difficult for them to rest, let alone rest and reset.


Scorpios carry heavy loads. Like Pisces and Cancer, they're water signs and feel everything more than most.

These people can appear tense and nervous without meaning to. They only relax if you've earned their trust. 


Aries' tension may be palpable. Leaders with strong personalities who strive for perfection can be exhausting.

They need healthy ways to release energy like exercise or they'll cause damage. 


Cancer's moon-ruled emotions are intense and changeable. They're sensitive to everyone's energy.

They want to help, but sometimes they take on too much. Caring for others 24/7 can tyre and tense these water signs.


Pisces can't control their emotions, but they often hold them in until they burst. Though quiet, they want to help others.

They feel so deeply and can delve into the shadow sides, Pisces doesn't always know how to release this intensity.

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