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The Most Stylish Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Some people can put together trendy outfits, thoughtfully designed rooms, and aesthetically pleasing art collections, but it's rare to find a true arbiter of taste in all aspects of life.


Aquarius can make anything work: loud neons, flashy pastels, and everything in between. Their style screams minimalist.


Leo loves style. They're bold with statement pieces, funky colors, and over-the-top arrangements, ruled by the Sun.


Virgo style is indirect. Venus, the planet of love and aesthetics, is in its fall in this sign, making style a Achilles' heel for its representatives. 


Pisces may insist on custom tailoring or tinkering their favorite pieces. They'll show you their fairy garden or DIYs if you visit.


Libras love luxury.They may wear an ordinary outfit—say, a T-shirt and jeans—but they can add such accessories and create such a look that the brightest celebrity will envy their style


Tauruses will work overtime to buy what they want. After buying it, they'll style it perfectly.

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