The Most Stressed Zodiac Sign

Read this if you've been told to chill. You may easily stress. They pace, wring their hands, bite their nails, and don't rest enough.


Capricorns are the most stressed zodiac sign because they work until their fuel level drops below E, then work again.


If you think Pisces are laid-back, think again. They are sensitive and emotional. Pisces absorb others' energies without choice.


Virgo, like Gemini, overthinks and obsesses over small matters. Anxious people can't stop once they start spiralling.


Geminis overthink nine times out of ten. To be part of every conversation, these people move faster than others.


Sagittarius loves big plans and dreams. After all, Jupiter rules growth and expansion. Fire signs are passionate and restless


Libras appear calm, but stress can overwhelm them. describes Libra's desire to please everyone.

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