The Most Spiritual Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Some people seem to be on a spiritual journey, whether they meditate to clear their minds, connect with nature, or ask big life questions. They are soul-focused and seek wisdom from a higher power.


Pisces is the most spiritual sign because Neptune rules it. Water signs are imaginative and creative. They often have clairvoyance.


Sagittarius is unique and philosophical. Fire signs are curious about faith, religion, and belief. They will try anything, including mind expansion and spiritual experiences.


Scorpios are spiritual, drawn to tarot, astrology, and often to the darker side of spirituality. They're good at reading people and believe in karma.


Taurus loves luxury, but they also enjoy watching the sunrise or smelling the roses. these people are about embodiment—being a spirit in a body.


Cancerians can find spirituality anywhere. Astrologers and energetic aesthetes, they are the Mother or Divine Feminine archetype and seek to lead others to meaningful experiences.


Libras are spiritual because they seek peace and justice. Air signs are great communicators and seek deep connections in all aspects of life.

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