The Most Reckless Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

Take one of these daredevils for a spontaneous night out. If riding a motorcycle down a twisty road or quitting your job on a whim aren't your thing, avoid these spontaneous and often hot-headed people


This sign never thinks before it does something. Aries are the ultimate thrill seekers, driven by their need to get their next dose of adrenaline


This irresponsible sign loves nothing more than to surprise and amuse their friends with crazy things they do or stories they tell. 


This sign is always up for something exciting and wants to try new things. "Sagittarians are eager to see the world, whether it's in a private jet or just with a backpack," she says.


"They don't care how their actions or words affect those around them." Aquarians will say offensive things just to see how people react because they don't think society's rules apply to them.

This sign wants success more than anything and will do anything to make it happen. Bennet says that Capricorns will do anything for something they believe in. "


These risk-takers are at their best when they are doing something dangerous. When life gets too routine, "they may (subconsciously or not) take unnecessary risks, like doing extreme sports

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