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The most popular baby names of the 21st century so far


This name's 21st-century popularity may be more Hollywood than Scottish. Many 21st-century parents watched "Titanic" and "Almost Famous" as kids.


Aubrey "Drake" Graham's worldwide fame began after 2012, when "Aubrey" peaked as the 15th most popular baby name.


Kevin comes from the sixth-century Irish saint CaoimhĂ­n. What caused 2000's name peak


Gabriel's feminine form means "God is my strength" in Hebrew. Gabriel informs Mary of her pregnancy in the Bible.


The ancient river between Jordan and Israel, where John baptized Jesus, gave this name.


Young Americans seem to like Brooklyn, as property values have risen 68.1% in the last decade, according to Miller Samuel


Justin comes from "just" Latin Justus. Justin's album "No Strings Attached" broke first-week sales records in 2000, peaking the name. 

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