The Most Patient Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Next time you see someone who seems taken aback by the person taking forever to check out ahead of them at Costco.


Scorpio people are surprisingly patient. This fiery zodiac prefers to wait to take revenge. And that's okay, however long it takes.


Librans are sensitive to the opinions of others and do not like to be impatient. Ruled by the gentle, home planet Venus, Librans like to do the right thing.


Aquarians are calm in situations that would irritate others because they don't see time. "Their patience isn't entirely a virtue," Honigman says.


This water sign "empathizes with anyone, which leads them to being naturally patient and accepting of anyone's character and circumstances.


Analytical signals take time. Virgo "are slower to act and more patient than others. They are sensible, so they won't expect you to be.


Taurus wants stability, so they're practical.They're slow and thoughtful.They'll probably arrive at the meeting a little later than you, no matter how late you are.

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