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The Most Passive-Aggressive Zodiac Sign

According to Psychology Today, this is a common form of passive-aggressive behavior, where someone expresses anger or annoyance indirectly rather than directly.


Leo wants attention and heats up quickly. Leos prefer to passively address issues because it keeps the drama alive and puts them in the spotlight.


Aquarius is intelligent and quick-witted, not afraid to argue. This rebellious sign can also be arrogant and superior.


Cancers can feel again. This water sign is sensitive and easily offended if their desire for connection isn't reciprocated.


Taurus people like comfort, they would rather wallow in despair than face any issue head-on.


Pisces sign people feel better by expressing feelings. Also adept at running away. They struggle to express themselves.


Libras are the most passive-aggressive zodiac sign because they value balance and harmony over socializing.

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