The Most Loyal Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer


Cancers prioritise family and friends. Evans says cancer patients are loyal to family and care for others.

Cancers are loyal friends. They'll keep family members comfortable.They always want a loving home.


Taureans are stubborn, but they'll never leave you. "The no-nonsense Taurus may be stubborn or difficult, but they set their sight on one person and don't let go.

They prioritise stability, so you can count on them. Taurus, ruled by love, seeks serious relationships. This sign wants a lifelong relationship with their partner.


 Scorpios "go to extremes to show their loyalty and will test their partner relentlessly to see if the feeling is mutual

They will keep your secrets but try to make you reveal them. "It is possible that they keep information secret to find out if the partner reveals it himself.


Leo is "loyal to his responsibilities and not necessarily his partner," Leo people are loyal and dependable.


 Capricorn follows the rules because Saturn, "the symbol for responsibility and commitment," rules it.


Pisces are known for being emotionally sensitive, which can make them easy to confide in. Luckily, they're trustworthy and will also always be there for you

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