The Most Heartless Zodiac Sign.

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Aries are known for being leaders as well as for putting themselves before others. These fire signs are often focused on themselves

Aries are very emotional and can be "egotistical, impulsive and egotistical". This sign "often acts before thinking, so if you cross them.


Aquarius are not for everyone, known for their offbeat approach to thinking and out-of-touch behavior.

There is a level of detachment in their scientific approach to life, these air signs are not going to waste your time trying to get you to like them. , You either do or you don't, and that's okay.


Tax zodiacs thrive and they like to be right. These grounded signs rely on logic and put their emotions on the backburner.

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn wants results and can appear unruly or emotionless when making difficult decisions." If their backs are against the wall, they will use their brain and not their heart.


Nu's can be narrow-minded, often focused on their way of doing things. They will get their own way and pay no attention to people who don't really want the same thing.

They are the loud mouth of the zodiac and can be dictatorial and rude when provoked. Which they do; So don't expect them to be nice if you can't agree with their point of view.


Geminis are social butterflies who flit from group to group. Since they are constantly around so many different people, who are they with?

If something is wrong with their mind, the problem is with you, not them." They live in a world of their own rules and reality, which can be heartless and self-involved.

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