The Most Free-Spirited Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Do you have friends who just get in their cars and drive off without a plan? Or maybe your family knows you as someone who is always willing to take a chance or go on an adventure. We all know someone who is a free spirit, no matter what.


Libras are known for being creative, which makes them more independent and free-spirited. Problems don't bother them, and they'd rather be happy. Libras are always trying to make life happier, more fun, and more fair.


This fiery thrill-seeker is up for anything, so it's no surprise that Sagittarius is on the list. Don't get the wrong idea. Nothing will stop this sign from taking a spontaneous road trip or booking a last-minute flight to a faraway place.


Geminis like to talk to people and are one of the most spontaneous and free-spirited signs. Gemini is one of the signs of the zodiac that is one of the most open-minded. Even if they make plans, they don't mind giving up any of their ideas.


This water sign is very imaginative and creative, which lets them live more freely. They think deeply and intuitively and would rather spend their hard-earned money on their spiritual journey than on things that don't matter.


You probably aren't surprised that this ambitious zodiac sign is the second most free-spirited one. Most Leos need and want to be on their own at all costs. Freedom from other people is their secret rallying cry. 


Aquarians are known for being independent and open-minded, and their rebellious nature lets them do what they want, when they want. So, we have the sign with the most freedom of spirit.

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