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The Most Forgiving Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Some people find it difficult to forgive and forget, while others do not. All these empathetic people may need is a simple apology or a meaningful conversation with the person admitting their mistake.


Cancers hate fighting—especially with loved ones. If you caused a problem or aren't important, they may hold a grudge but usually make peace


Aquarius's stoicism lets them be objective and forgiving. They dislike personal conflict and will forgive for the greater good of the relationship or connection.


Geminis are versatile socialites. This helps them empathize with all types of people, consider all sides of an argument, and forgive others. 


Sagittarius is forgiving due to their laid-back lifestyle. They're always trying new things and don't have time for ill will.


Air signs hate bad blood. Libra wants everyone to be happy. Schmidt says Libra is all about harmony and justice and may forgive easily to keep the peace.


Pisces are the most conflict-averse. They are sensitive and hate suffering. The most forgiving zodiac sign, they sometimes struggle.

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