The Most Empathetic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Some can read minds naturally. If you have a problem, they'll understand. Empathy—the ability to understand others—is usually called this. Horoscopes can predict it. Astrologers list the most empathic zodiac signs,


They may not be able to feel what you feel, but they will usually act out of empathy. They sympathise with marginalised populations.


"Leo is a fixed fire sign that may not think much about its deepest feelings, but it is extremely sensitive to others," adds Vachon. "Leos are kind and loving among family and friends." If you're in their inner circle, talk to them.


Virgos are diligent and selfless. They always help friends, relatives, and strangers. They'll give time, money, or emotional support to the needy." "Multitasking is easy for this grounded Earth sign.


Libra is also a favourite. Libras are compassionate because they can see all sides of an issue. "Venus-ruled, they can be innovative in helping with money and time.


Unwell? Cancer pal, call. "Cancers are extraordinarily compassionate, understanding, and most reassuring." They heal naturally and comprehend the heart better than any other sign.


The fish represents this water sign's innate harmony. "governed by Neptune, the planet of chaos, sensuality, dreams, and imagination, Pisces rapidly sense that others what you feel, think, want, and need

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