The Most Egocentric Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


The Sun, which represents the ego, rules Leo, so they are in the first place. Leo is very self-aware. 

Leos' egos will turn people off.Leo reinforces the stereotype of the need to be the center of attention.


Aries leads the zodiac as the first sign. To avoid this there is a need to find their identity. His arrogance will demand attention from everyone.

But this can get the best of them and leave Aries craving love from others just for existing.


The people of Scorpio zodiac are egoistic and deceitful. Scorpio doesn't want to be around smart people.

When they meet someone of understanding they tend to be tactful rather than furious or hasty.


 Sagittarius' need for freedom drives them to keep moving in life,

They just need to explore life." Since their journey is most important, you must keep up or they'll leave you.


Taurus will not listen. They are the most stubborn and aggressive zodiac sign. They can be highly materialistic, greedy and decidedly self-centered.

"Sympathetic but possessive, his self-centered actions inflate his ego."


Gemini spreads gossip for personal gain. "Gemini aren't self-centered—they're more interested in others.

That can give a sense of flightiness and shallowness that makes others uncomfortable 

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